Paradigm builds elegant systems that are designed to complement the existing decor of your home theater - from wood grain to cabinet and wall work. With Paradigm you're getting one of the best sound systems possible, and it can all be configured to fit seamlessly into your home theater.


Paradigm's products are designed to blend in with whatever environment you need them to. Whether that means a wall unit or something that will rest on a shelf, Paradigm has the sound equipment you need. The company offers speakers designed to rest on bookshelves, be embedded within walls and even blend in with rocks - allowing for an outdoor sound experience.


No one knows sound reproduction better than Paradigm. With better measurements, better materials and better components, Paradigm simply creates better sound. Many speaker companies don't have the resources to design and manufacture their own drive units, but Paradigm does. If you're looking for the best, you're looking for Paradigm.

For more information, contact Sound-FX today. Until you hear back from us, please watch this brief video on the Paradigm speaker manufacturing process.


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